Why Having A Professional Assisted Stretch Session is Necessary~the difference between massage.

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10/26/20221 min read

Why Having A Professional Assisted Stretching Session Is Necessary~Why It’s Different Than Massage

I have had experience with both Assisted Stretching and massage therapy, which are amazing in their own ways,but also have their differences. Experienced professionals will individualize the clients needs.

When you encounter a relaxed state during a massage and a stretch session, you tend to feel at ease while the practitioner does most of the work. They also both offer a mind-body connection.


A professional who knows the science behind the muscles and stretching is able to give you a deeper, more proper stretch, they are also able to elongate muscles better in addition to stretching the fascia. The fascia is connective tissue that surrounds the muscles, bones, nerves,and organs. It often gets damaged with injuries and post surgeries.

**During an assisted stretching session, a professional will address more specific target areas with some assistance of a strapping system. This helps isolate the correct muscles and works toward obtaining a deeper stretch.

**Active assisted stretching breaks up muscle knots in all problem areas which help correct posture and body imbalances. Massage tends to have more short-term results.

For example, in order to get into the psoas ( major hip muscle), the massage therapist must dig their fingers to help loosen it up. With the repetitive stretches you can loosen the psoas more specifically while isolating the surrounding muscles and get a deeper long lasting effect.

**As your range of motion decreases due to age or lack of use, it leads to mobility limitations and structural instability long term. With regular stretching, you can boost flexibility and put less stress on your muscles. It allows muscles to lengthen, lengthened muscles are less likely to develop painful spasms and cramps and reduces adhesions from forming. Contracted or stiff muscles ( from inactivity) adhere to each other. Slow stretching movements can help restore muscle balance and range of motion.