Why I Use Almond Flour

  Why I Use Almond Flour 

 I have adapted to baking and also cooking with almond flour opposed  to white flour. Almond flour has 5 carbs per ¼ cup compared to approximately 23 carbs per ¼ cup that’s in white flour! Almond flour is rich in fiber, protein, B & E vitamins, it’s gluten free and also contains magnesium and potassium. 

White flour is made of refined carbs ( or simple sugars) that lacks nutrients and fiber. It can create blood sugar and insulin issues. It can also lead to fatty liver, raise bad cholesterol, weight gain, inflammation, digestive issues, and mood swings which progress towards obesity.

When baking with almond flour the amount will differ from white flour.  It’s best to research specific recipes using almond flour.

Almond flour cheddar biscuits

Pumpkin bars with almond flour

Low carb pizza with almond flour crust