Why I don’t “deserve” it


I used to tell myself that I needed or deserved “comfort food” it was typically dessert-ice cream, cake or chocolate that I wanted. We experience different emotions or reasons that we crave certain foods,whether it’s a  special occasion, feeling sad, depressed, happy, bored etc. You may have heard some upsetting news or it just might be the weekend. Unfortunately we associate food with social events as well. I however was reluctant to eat around others in fear of being judged.I used to wait until nobody was around so I could eat alone.

Let’s face it It’s mostly an excuse when we think we deserve or give ourselves permission to eat something. I’m not saying we can’t indulge or enjoy things once in a while, however it becomes a problem when we attach our eating to emotions. It happens more than you may think or you might not realize that you even do it yourself. It’s important to acknowledge when you are eating and why.

Some strategies that I use to help control cravings and emotional eating:

  1. RECOGNIZE WHEN & WHY YOU ARE EATING: do you tell yourself that you “deserve it” because you had a long week or the kids stressed you out today? I remind myself that I don’t need to reward myself with food. Replace it with something else you enjoy. Accept that you can allow yourself with a treat but not because you deserve it.
  2. RESEARCH THE NUTRITION FACTS: be aware of what you are about to eat. Check out how much sugar, the amount of carbs, and what kind of ingredients it contains. Most restaurants have nutritional info online. Check out that cookie or mac and cheese label before you make a decision.
  3. I TALK MYSELF OUT OF IT: I know this sounds easier than done. It takes lots of practice and some self control. I have to ask myself do I really need this or want it? I recently had a craving for pizza, I took a few minutes until I literally made myself walk away and resist it.
  4. WILL I REGRET IT & IS IT WORTH IT: I put my goals first, I am maintaining my weight now and do not want to go back to my “heavier” self. This takes motivation and sometimes eating the ice cream isn’t worth the extra calories.
  5. I THINK ABOUT THE LAST TIME I INDULGED: I often remember the last time I gave in or indulged in a specific item. Normally it was not as good as I thought it would be. This deters me from caving again. I also recall how I felt afterwards, physically and/or emotionally.
  6. I STILL AM ACCOUNTABLE: it helps me to reach out or tell someone else that I am considering eating or not eating. Having that person makes me feel better after acknowledging it.
  7. HAVE TO REMEMBER THAT I DON’T EAT LIKE THAT ANYMORE: I have worked way too hard to give into temptations.  

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