Want to lose weight-this works…


Stop eating so much. It has worked for me and every client that has done it, I have yet to see it fail!
How many of you eat every couple of hours from fear of your “metabolism slowing down”? We have been convinced that we need to snack throughout the day for this reason. It’s a myth. The truth is eating all day is not helping us lose weight. Metabolism has to do with how much muscle mass you have. That is why it becomes harder to lose weight as we get older because we tend to have less muscle.

1. NO EATING IN BETWEEN MEALS!- this is not what we have
been taught over the last couple of years. However it is a
myth that our metabolism will slow down if we don’t eat
every 3 hours. Our metabolism has to do with muscle mass,
that is why it slows as we get older. When we don’t eat, we burn fat
because we have used all our energy storage from carbs.
Let your body feel hunger.
Also when we are constantly eating we have a lot of shifts in our blood
sugar which causes mood swings. We have gotten away
from 3 meals a day like it was years ago.

2. DON’T EAT OUT OF HABIT- we eat breakfast at 8am, snack at 10
Am, lunch at 1pm, snack at 3 pm, dinner at 6pm, snack at
9pm…. Are you truly hungry all those times or are not eating the
right foods to fill you up? Focus on biological hunger rather
than eating from boredom, habit, stress or for fun
3. EVERYTHING ADDS UP- depending on the size of your
snacks, you are probably consuming a lot of extra calories
throughout the day. “ just a little” cream in your coffee, just
bite off your kids plates, just a handful of nuts, or a few
crackers, or grab a piece of candy out of the dish. This is
where journaling is a good idea. It helps you
become more aware of all those little things and how many
extras you are having.

4. YOUR PORTIONS ARE TOO BIG- you are probably eating too much,
possibly without even knowing. If you cut down you may realize you
don’t need as much as you think.


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