This is why I Keep going…

 THIS IS WHY I KEEP GOING…               

I have been thinking a lot lately about how I got where I am~ and how I have stayed here. I have worked so hard to lose my weight & work harder than I imagined to keep it off. We hear the words “ DON’T QUIT” all the time, so much that we really don’t take them seriously. NOT QUITTING  is how I got to where I am today-along with many of my clients. Many of us have lost weight, some of us over and over.The people who have kept it off are consistent in their exercise & eating plan-forever. The reason so many have gained the weight back is because they wanted to try a different “diet”, take a break, or use excuses. 

**The day you quit means another day you need to start over~until one day you realize you are tired of the cycle of feeling sluggish. Consistency forms habits that lead you to long term success

There are days that I would like to sleep in rather than getting up to exercise or enjoy some ice cream- and I do on occasion. 

What keeps me going?

We all have a love-hate relationship with scale. It could bring us from a super high to a low in a matter of one day.  I weigh in every day to monitor my progress, keep me accountable and motivate me- either way. This winter I have been trying to achieve a goal of 150 pounds, which I accomplished last week! This is extra motivating for me!

I have lost over 120 pounds before my son was born 19 years ago. The reason I have maintained this loss for all these years is because I STILL  work hard every day without quitting! I have learned so many techniques, skills, and motivational tricks for myself as well as my clients. 

How can I help as a Certified Health Coach & trainer?

  •  I can help identify what’s standing in your way of losing weight
  • Focus on individual’s goals, listening to clients find answers to their own answers
  • Identify how and why you might be emotional eating
  • Keep clients motivated & accountable
  • Focus on long term success & set up menu plans
  • Passionate about helping others reach their goals and finding success.