Being a truck driver we are under the scrutiny of yearly D.O.T. physicals, and they don’t allow any leeway for borderline blood pressure readings .So Ii have always tried to keep it under control with lisinopril, exercise and what I thought was a fairly healthy diet. No matter how hard I tried I could never get my numbers under 130 over 90. So on top of my regular workout I started working out with Rachel Miller about 3 times a week for an hour, I mean a hard continuous hour. If I did the same workout at home it would take 4 hrs. I would listen Rachel drone on about fruits and veggies, what’s healthy, what’s not, and I always believed if you exercised you could eat anything you want. Yeah I now have proof I was so wrong. I started by dumping the fake sweeteners. Rachel then started making me healthy juices, I even started making my own healthy smoothies. I started slacking off red meat but just a little, then I completely stopped all processed food. It wasn’t as hard as I thought. First thing I noticed was that I started sleeping way better, no more weird night sweats. Next I noticed I wasn’t craving sugar or candy, don’t even think about ice cream. But the real shocker came at my last doctor physical which I was dreading because they had to report to the D.O.T. if my b.p didn’t improve which could lead to possible grounding. To my shock my b.p was 110 over 70, doc couldn’t believe it he had to check the other arm. He checked his records and found out that after going to him for 40 years I never had a lower reading. He says whatever you’re doing keep doing it. I just recently started weaning myself from caffeine and. finding I am just as alert as I’ve ever been. Oh yeah, now have to listen to Rachel say I told you so.                                                                                                           ~Gary J. Holler



“Rachel Miller is a truly excellent trainer. She has been my trainer for over 3 years and she motivates me to workout and encourages me to eat healthier. Every workout is different and because of her efforts, I am stronger, more flexible, have more energy, and most importantly, working out has become fun. Her professionalism, extensive knowledge and enthusiastic commitment to her work and ultimately her clients, provides the perfect scenario for success and sets foundations for a new healthier lifestyle. I recommend her without reservation.”



I attended one of Rachel’s classes about 2 months ago and one of the topics she addressed was the dangers of using artificial sweeteners containing saccharin or aspartame such as Sweet and Low. Rachel explained to me that the more artificial sugar I used ,the more my body would crave sugar .I decided to stop using it and to my and surprise, I lost 8 pounds and no longer make weekly trips to Andersons for ice cream. I no longer have a sweet tooth in general and I also learned portion control as well as many other useful dieting tips from attending Rachel’s classes. Thanks Rachel!  ~Lori


I was stuck in an exercise and diet rut when my life crossed paths with Rachel, thank goodness! She helped me understand and motivate me to eat the right foods. It’s more than just counting calories. It’s eating the right foods. Rachel taught me how to eat better and she motivated to exercise. After following her advice, it was the first time ever I ever lost 5 pounds in one week! I usually was stuck with only losing 1 pound a week and that was if I tried really hard. After listening to Rachel, I ate better and lost more weight.


Pilates testimonials :

I’ve been having Pilates sessions with Rachel for quite a while and I am thrilled with the results. When I started, I was very overweight, totally out of shape, hadn’t exercised in many years. I have been getting more and more toned, flexible and stronger. I only wish I had measured myself when I started, because the melting of inches started right in the beginning (and has been helped along with Rachel’s food plan classes). Rachel is a great Pilates instructor and helps me to target specific areas. Pilates with Rachel is great!~ Diana


No stress on joints ,great exericise,able to keep my interest with various exercises and stretching to do at home. what pilates has done for me: strenghtened my core, toned my muscles and improved my flexibility, it’s a good alternative workout instead of lifting weights. ~ Lori

After only 5 weeks I feel so incredible, walking taller and my flexibility is improving week by week. ~ Lynn

Corporate testimonials:

Lunch & learn at Ashton Potter

Hi Rachel & Pat.

Thank you for coming in to Ashton Potter! I think you got the wheels turning for people here. And while going all the way to a sugar free, whole food, healthy diet will take time, your acknowledgement that small steps make a difference, was good to hear!

Healthy eating presentation at N.T. library

It is I who should be bending over backwards to thank you! The feedback has been great…Keep me in mind if there are any other talks you might want to do. Thank you again! -Anya


Thank-you so much for coming to our building. My residents are now aware by seeing how much sugar is in food. I myself have bee staying away from white bread and sugar. A lot of my residents rely on food as a self comfort for depression. I am glad you gave an alternative. I would like you to do a video about your presentation with recipes, sugar amount products and 30 minute easy work out. A substitute for food along with your 13 year life style change. There are other buildings that have service coordinators who’s building have funds to pay for your presentation and I will pass this information on to them to contact you.