Staying Positive Through December & What Really Makes Me Feel Good About Myself

Staying Positive Through December & What Really Makes Me Feel Good About Myself

   I started writing this blog last week during my morning run. I began contemplating the holiday’s this year, and how it’s a little different from past one’s. Rather than having a negative attitude towards it, I started listing all the positive aspects of the upcoming weeks. 

Every December I try to set goals for myself, I do this mostly because it is a tough time of year all around. I also don’t want to experience that “Holiday remorse” come January. 

It’s amazing how taking a positive approach makes it easier. 


  1. I AM CONSISTENT WITH MY WORKOUTS! This is one area that has been extremely habit forming for me. It helps stabilize my weight and I love the way it makes me feel. It’s extra important for this time of year especially since it is the # 1 antidepressant. It also burns lots of calories, and like many I tend to consume more calories than usual.
  1. THE ABILITY TO RESIST TEMPTATION~Even after 20 years it’s still not easy to resist temptations, especially Christmas cookies! Typically my goal for December is to maintain my weight. In the past I have worked hard at achieving this. Moderation is key, I do not totally deprive myself of sweets but I do limit them. Personally I do not bake around the Holiday’s, with the exception of low carb alternatives. That doesn’t necessarily mean it is easy, we have been receiving cookies and sweets which makes it more difficult to resist. Having almond flour cookies, or low sugar desserts on hand is a great alternative and helps me stay focused on eating better and resisting the high sugar sweets. 

 I also am in the habit of checking labels and being aware of the carb and sugar content of cookies. 

Some cut out cookies contain 23-31 carbs and up to 12 grams of sugar for 1 cookie, that’s 3 tsp of sugar! Also a Starbucks peppermint mocha~440 calories, 63 carbs, and 54 sugars! Please be aware of labels and what and how much you are consuming. 

  1. POSITIVE VIBES~ Normally there are more parties and get-togethers around Christmas time, however this year is limited for sure. On a positive note I don’t feel overwhelmed with parties and get together’s, and of course the food and drinks that go along with them. Maybe this is the year to start a new tradition. Make this time to focus on you~and your health. 
  1. I TAKE ONE DAY AT A TIME & JOURNAL~It can get very overwhelming with everything that needs to be done this time of year. Journaling is something that I have adapted years ago to get me through some rough times. It also helps control your emotions as well as staying on track with your eating. I have learned to take one-day- at -a- time! Set small goals, even if it’s every morning, and write it down! I often tell myself today I will not indulge in sugar or I will try to get in some extra activity. 
  1. I PLAN AHEAD & CELEBRATE MY ACCOMPLISHMENTS~I am proud when I plan ahead for a party or a dinner and stick with my intentions. No matter how small your victories may be, it’s still a win. 
  1. I WANT PREVENT THE JANUARY REMORSE~ this is one of the most important points! It’s easy to tell yourself that you will worry about it after the Holidays, or “start fresh” come January. Believe me it does not become any easier to have to lose that extra weight in the new year.  On top of possibly putting on pounds, you most likely feel sluggish, fatigued, or bloated. When you take care of your body you boost your immune system and feel better about yourself!!

I wish you all a happy and safe Holiday!