My Published Book & Why It Is Unique

My Published Book & Why It Is Unique!!

I am so excited to announce after months of writing and working with an editing team my first book has been published!! This has been a goal of mine for years. During quarantine was the perfect opportunity to proceed with this. One of the main reasons for writing my book is that over the last couple of years I feel that I have found a good balance in my life. This is something I have struggled with in my life. I believe there are many others out there that are also trying to accomplish this. A major part of my education entailed an understanding of “Primary food” which includes a healthy lifestyle, diet and nutrition, relationships, career, physical activity, and stress management. All which are significant for overall balance.

One important question I often ask my Health Coaching clients is “ At what point in your life did you feel the best?”

This is very emotional to think about for some. For myself, I feel that NOW is the time I have felt the best. My hope is to help clients and readers achieve this goal for themselves. 


I understand that there are many books and literature out there that promote weight loss and diet plans, I have purchased many myself. After doing some research I have come across a various selection of books. I have realized that most books out there are cookbooks, speciality cookbooks, specific meal plans or diets ( keto, 30 day diets, detox, atkins, low carb, intermittent fasting), 21 day kickstart plans, meal prep, etc.

There are very few  that promote long term weight loss or how to keep it off, which should be our ultimate goal. I agree that many programs do work for losing weight, however most of those diets cannot be maintained consistently. 

I have lived the overweight life and I have lived the weight loss challenges as well as maintaining it  for 20 years. I have done a lot of research and had education on all aspects of what it takes to sustain a healthy mind and a healthy body through diet and exercise. I chose to include my story beginning with childhood, through high school and college years, how I dealt with divorce, pregnancies, and stressful situations. There are also chapters on emotional eating, TONS of helpful tips on how I started on what I am doing now, and motivation.I felt putting together my food diary, meal plans, and some recipes would be helpful for some!


  • Emotional childhood memories and experiences. I wanted to share personal conversations and events throughout my life. I hope to connect on an emotional level with readers if they are, have been or have a loved one that struggles with being overweight. 
  • Tips for day to day healthier lifestyle- steps that I took to improve my health and lose weight long term success.
  • Healthy recipes and meal plans for ideas that you can incorporate. 
  • My food diary to help you understand how I am able to maintain.
  • Accomplishments and old photos to encourage you.


  • To help you find what’s right for you, what’s in your way of the change you’re trying to create. 
  • Encourage you to stop doing things that aren’t right, aren’t necessary, or aren’t working and  incorporate strategies to improve your behaviors. 
  • Eliminate the tension between who you are and who you are capable of becoming. 
  • Give you the support for transformation, not only information. 
  • To acknowledge your fears and build confidence in yourself.

You will get out of this book what you put into it! Be stronger than your excuses.

    Preface:  The Story Behind How I Lost & Maintained 120 Pounds

At 270 pounds

I was disgusted with my weight

So I want to share my journey

To help inspire and motivate

Looking back at old thoughts and memories

Where I ended up in tears

Eventually led me to the present day

Of many successful years

I have experienced weight loss first hand

To say it was easy would be a lie

So my goal for this book 

Is to help readers find their “why”

Although my adventure still continues on

This story does not end sad

As a health coach & trainer I offer support

Using the affective experiences I have had

I’ll cover emotional eating, helpful tips & techniques

As well as mistakes I’ve made in the past

To help you create new healthy habits

And accomplishments that will last

I am proud of how far I’ve come

I invite you to take a look

And start your own success story 

By opening up this book!