I wasn’t happy with my weight..so I changed it


You have two options- 1) stay where you, and accept it or 2) do something about it!
Are you happy with your current weight, eating habits, or exercise routine? The only person who can make that decision is YOU. I spent a lot of my life overweight and unhappy and ultimately “accepted” that…until one day I felt it was time to make changes. It wasn’t something that happened overnight, over weeks, or even months. Matter of fact, I’m still making improvements every day.

It’s important to understand that it is a slow process but you may have to start at the beginning, I did. I was 270 pounds, I ate fast food, diet sodas, and fell quickly out of shape when I stopped swimming. I have come a long way from just walking on the treadmill for 30 minutes or doing my Tae Bo video in my living room. The point is you have to start somewhere and now, without excuses!

Focus on 5 pounds or even losing the first pound, or getting through 20  minutes of any exercise. Don’t worry if you need to lose 50 pounds start with that first pound.  Remember not every day will be perfect but you’re doing something about it.
So if you are not happy where you are, you need to TAKE CONTROL and step out of your comfort zone. This means changes, which is often scary for some. Set realistic, small goals for yourself to get started.

Here a couple goals that you might want to consider:

  1. Cut back on added sugar! recommended intake for women is 24 grams or 6 tsp a day. It adds up quickly.
    2. Eat veggies at 2 meals a day
    3. Schedule workouts, try for 30 minutes 3 x a week
    4. Bring your lunch to work at least 2x a week
    5. Drink more water, make sure you always have it with you
    6. Eat less processed food
    7. Eat out only once a week
    8. Watch your portions
    9. Journal your food
    10. Find healthy substitutions for your favorite dishes
    11. Look up healthy recipes
    12. Try something new each week
    13. Cook at home more
    Focus on positive achievements
    14. DON’T GIVE UP!

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