I spend a lot of time focusing on weight loss stategies..why I can’t promote fad diets


It’s my job as a Health coach and personal trainer to promote a healthy lifestyle-long term. It’s not about how quickly you can lose weight ( fad diets), it’s about losing weight slowly & healthy and maintaining it.

Let’s face it we are all experts in “dieting” and weight loss programs. If they worked why are you STILL struggling to lose weight? Through experience and research I myself have maintained over a 120 pound weight loss & have found a good balance between eating and exercise. I have also helped many clients that struggle with weight issues. It always comes back to the same way of eating. So the magic question- “Are you able to eat this way for the rest of your life?” If you can’t answer yes to that, then you will most likely revert to old habits and gain the weight back. It is impossible to be regimented for weeks or months at a time then go back to eating pizza and cookies and not regain weight. Most of us can be disciplined for short periods of time, that’s why fad diets work and you can lose a lot of weight at first. Don’t get me wrong I certainly tried my share, weight watchers, adkins, back to weight watchers, until the next one came out.

What I started focusing on & why I can’t promote fad diets:

  1. I almost always knew WHAT to do, but it didn’t always mean I did it. All diets sound great at first, they promise quick ( not always healthy) weight loss. Someone you know is doing it and they have lost a ton of weight. It always seems like the easy answer!

2. I couldn’t maintain these diets long term. Like most, as soon as I was “allowed” to eat chips and cake I did. This usually lead back to old habits, along with discouragement and failure. Even as a teenager my parents tried helping me by putting me on different exercise and eating programs. They would work for a only a short time.

3. Think about the last time you really achieved a long term goal. It takes time and patience to be successful, and it feels great when you can do it! I can now say that I am content, finally, with my accomplishments and achievements.

4. I started focusing on the WHY and not necessarily how to lose weight. Fad diets don’t teach you how to change your behaviors. This is the most important lesson is maintaining weight loss, and should be your ultimate goal!

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