I Don’t Settle for Weight Gain As The Norm

I Don’t Settle for Weight Gain As The Norm

We all go up and down on the scale. One issue is the scale keeps going up and up and not really coming down as much as we want. For many reasons I occasionally still struggle with my eating, I can fluctuate 2-4 pounds from week to week. I know there are many reasons that the scale can creep up pretty quickly, sometimes without even realizing how much. I would also tell myself that is where my weight should be-until I realized it was just an excuse!

Recently I have been up 2 or 3 pounds. I know that doesn’t sound like a big deal however I have definitely been eating some things that I typically don’t. I have been giving into “cravings” a little too often. Just allowing myself a little more sugar or extra fries has made a difference.

The most important lesson is that I know this is not my “normal” weight and I have to be more cautious. I don’t, I can’t let those 2 or 3 pounds become 4 or 5 gained pounds. Getting my act together will get those couple of pounds back off. As I talk with various clients I see this happening too often. We don’t think 2,3, or 4 pounds is a big deal, we tell ourselves that I will start after this weekend and it will be fine. Most of the time we have difficulty getting back on track which causes more anxiety and less motivation.

A couple of reasons that I notice why this happens:

1. Eating more than usual or eating certain things you may have been trying to avoid
2, Not weighing yourself often enough- or ever
3. Starting a new program with motivation and slowly losing it
4. Becoming more lax in your eating habits~ having just a couple of bites or just a taste of something. Those add up!
5. Continue to eat a small cookie, or have a handful of chips.
Most “cravings” are represented by our emotions. They are often stronger than our self control.

DO NOT let a couple of pounds discourage you- get right back on track where you should be. This also improves your self control, you feel better, and are more motivated to keep going!!