I Didn’t Lose Weight By “Entitlement” Eating

   I Didn’t Lose Weight by “Entitlement” Eating!

I didn’t lose weight by eating what I want, when I want or exercise when I feel like it, and neither will you. Weight loss (and maintenance) is hard, some things just are! I still struggle, not as much as I did when I first started my journey but like most things in life I am improving and becoming stronger at it each day. At first I felt that same sense of entitlement, almost resentful that I couldn’t eat “like everyone else”.  I choose not to eat like everyone else, 70% of americans are obese and unfortunatley that is the norm. If I told myself now that I deserve a treat because it’s the weekend or I ate every time I was stressed, I WOULD NOT BE SUCCESSFUL! 

We all do a little whining about losing weight and not being able to eat what we want because we feel left out or deprived. I spend a lot of time talking with clients, doing research, READING LABELS, and paying attention to what I am eating myself. I don’t have all the answers but I do have many resources and proof of what works for long term weight loss!!  Imagine how much progress you can make by changing your attitude towards getting healthier!

“Some of the time I get to do what I WANT and the rest of the time I do what I HAVE to do”. 

How I learned to change my attitude and keep my weight off for over 20 years:

  1. I finally accepted that  I wanted ( and needed) to lose weight more than I wanted the food! :  When I thought I should be able to do what I want it usually meant I was  going to eat pizza and have dessert like everyone else. However what I really WANTED was to be healthy and reach my goals. That was worth more at the end of the day. It’s difficult to watch others eat what they want when you are choosing salads, and skipping the french fries but it’s not only about the food that we WANT is it? 
  1. I had to get over feeling sorry for myself:  I guess this ties into “fitting in”. I often felt excluded and embarrassed that I couldn’t eat what my family and friends were eating. As a teenager I felt that others around me were telling me I had to lose weight and judging my decisions.  Today as an adult I am successful because I am choosing to make healthier decisions on my own and not self sabotaging. 
  1. I acknowledged the benefits and consequences of entitlement eating: 

No matter what we choose we have to give up something. It’s not a huge sacrifice when you consider the benefits.




  *It’s fun for a couple of minutes                * feel bloated 

    *Comforting briefly                             * lack of energy             

                                                                          * depressed or feel bad about it

                                                                     * no weight loss/ possible gain

                                                                    * clothes fit tighter


*you have make some sacrifices                 *lose weight

                                                                      *feel good and have more energy

                                                                 * sense of pride and self control

                                                                 * less risk for obesity & diseases

  1. I wanted it bad enough! : When I made the decision that I was ready to lose weight for good I was very focused on my goals. It makes it easier to resist temptations. I know when I skip the bread and make substitutes for some of my favorite foods that it’s totally worth it. I feel good about my decisions and I don’t feel deprived, and it also shows on the scale!