How planning & preparing has helped me maintain my weight loss.


You have heard it a million times, plan and prepare your meals. It has worked for me and every one of my clients that have implemented it. It doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming.

How it can  help?

  • It will prevent you from going through the drive thru or hitting the vending machine
  • It will remove some temptation from snacking when you get home from work,ordering out, or making wrong choices~ for any meal ( whether it’s stopping for pizza on the way home or grabbing a breakfast sandwich on the way!)

How it’s helped me lose & maintain my weight:

  1. CHOOSE ONE MEAL TO START- whatever gives you the most stress or feel you need to change. For me it was breakfast. I start seeing clients early in the morning and need to prepare ahead of time. I typically cook  up some chicken for the week and make chicken salads. I also will make an egg bake in an 8×8 dish with veggies and feta or little cheese. Smoothie bags are great to prep before as well.

2. SCHEDULE IT! – you must schedule a time to prepare. Sundays work best for me but whenever you have an hour or so to commit will work! Put it in your calendar.

3. USE RECIPES YOU KNOW- being a creature of habit, I tend to stick to simple recipes, chicken, beef, casseroles and veggies.

4. GET CONTAINERS- I feel much more prepared when I have specific containers for each item. It also helps when it comes to portion control- no seconds.

5. PORTION OUT, INCLUDING SNACKS-  I love my snack size baggies or mini containers. Portion out nuts and seeds, cut up veggies, hummus, guacamole, dark chocolate, oatmeal, fruit, peanut butter ( or peanut butter to go’s). Mason jar salads are great for lunches and hold up well for the week.

6. MAKE A GROCERY LIST- this may seem obvious but it’s important to sit and plan some meals before you go. If you don’t have it you can’t make it.

7. ASSEMBLE BUT DON’T COOK- you can assemble smoothie mixes, chicken, tacos, and crockpot meals and freeze them in ziploc bags. It saves time to take out a prepared meal out of freezer and cook. The crockpot is a great tool- I take a  couple of minutes in the morning to throw something in. ,

Some items I prep on Sunday’s:

  • Chicken, roasted veggies, cut up veggies and portion into snack bags
  • “Veggie casseroles” I use cauliflower rice and add some veggies ( mushrooms, peppers, broccoli, zucchini) i will add some parmesan, rotel, chicken broth, cream cheese. Be creative! Add beef or chicken
  • spiralize  zucchini with some marinara sauce
  • Cauliflower biscuits
  • Low carb pizzas-to freeze
  • Tuna salad for lunches
  • Soups for the week
  • No bake Peanut butter balls- for dessert!

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