How I have made promises instead of resolutions to keep my weight off

  How I have made promises instead of resolutions to keep my weight off

Are you ready to make changes for good? We often associate January with “fresh start”. However, focusing on the word start means there will be an end. I will tell you there is no “end” to a healthy lifestyle. 

I believe there are new opportunities each and every day~and no day will be the same!

Are you worried about staying motivated and committed come February or March? You might be someone who needs accountability. Losing weight and keeping it off are two different things. Creating and sticking with new habits is difficult. Some days you might not care about exercising or eating that donut. Most importantly DON’T QUIT! Even if you fall off for a couple of days or weeks, get right back on. The further you fall the harder it is to pick back up your healthy habits.


Find what is motivating you right now.

How to succeed and stay motivated, after January

Motivation and success is often a concern when you are trying to lose weight. It comes from within, and sometimes you need support.

1. WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF YOUR GOAL?Be specific and honest with yourself. Don’t generalize your goals- for instance “I want to be healthy”.Why do you want to be healthy? Do you want your clothes to fit better? Be more active with your kids or family? Walk up a flight of stairs without being out of breath

2. CELEBRATE SMALL VICTORIES: We all seem to be motivated at first, you want to achieve everything at once. Sound familiar. I am going to exercise everyday, eliminate sweets, stop eating out, start to cook healthy and the list goes on. Chances are it will be more difficult to achieve your goals. Start small, focus on one thing at a time. Strive to lose 5 pounds instead of 40.

3. KNOW YOU WILL FAIL: Expect it. If you never fail it was probably too easy. It takes courage and motivation to continue.

4. WHAT’S WORKED FOR YOU IN THE PAST: Have you had success with weight loss or specific exercise program? It can be done again. Also ask yourself what happened and why did you fail?

5.CREATE DAILY HABITS:It’s important to create habits you can stick with.

6. BE ACCOUNTABLE: Try journaling, it’s important to track your food but more importantly your emotions. Express the reasons you want to change. Specify when, where, and how you will complete it. Be accountable either to yourself or a friend.

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