How following my menu plan has worked for me~ and why

         How following my menu plan has worked for me~ and why

How much time do you spend planning, preparing & shopping for food? Implementing a planned menu has been so beneficial to my sustained weight loss as well as lowering my stress! My plan is simple and it includes eating a variety of real food, focusing on weight loss. It is not based on any specific diet.  Over the last 18 years, & trying all different diets I have learned what has worked to keep the weight off!  

Why having a planned menu has been advantageous for myself as well as my clients.
  1. I have experienced  less stress regarding shopping, recipes, & ingredients. It is more convenient to prepare meals that are already planned out.
  2. I was less  tempted to get take out or go through the drive- thru.  When I had a plan
  3. I didn’t find myself thinking  about food all day.
  4.  I have  more control with what I’m eating.
  5.  I have Increased time in my day and week.
  6.  I aimed for  a variety of options and maybe even tried new food!


  • Pay attention to serving sizes~ portion control is still very important! 
  • Snacks should be limited to 1x a day
  • Feel free to make minor adjustments in recipes. I understand that there will be some things that everyone does not like. You can replace or omit certain ingredients  with a different veggie or protein.

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