here’s how I felt after incorporating this new method of stretching



I see many clients with different ranges of flexibility. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is for athletic performance, injury prevention, energy, and just everyday life.
Through Pilates I’ve seen great improvements in  flexibility, core strength, and posture in my clients. I myself stretch everyday, typically more than once or twice! I also perform  one on one stretching with my clients, and recently became certified in facilitated stretching. With some recent research I’ve been trying Active Isolated method ( AIS) developed by Aaron Mattes.

Why you should stretch:

1. Alleviates aches and pains- these pains are usually the cause of injuries such as low back, sciatic, IT band and knee issues. For example if you have tight hip flexors and/ or rotators, which is very common, you end up using back muscles, which are typically weak.
You can loosen up low back muscles and hip flexors and ease stress on your spine.

2. Look better- look taller with improved posture. Stretching loosens your upper back and chest muscles which could be a result of poor posture.

3. Improve athletic performance- if your muscles are already contracted by say 30%, they will only be 70% effective during exercise.
For example, you will be able to perform a better squat if your knees and hip flexors are more flexible.

4. Alleviates back pain- you can loosen up low back muscles and hip flexors and ease the stress on your spine.

5. Prevents soreness- increased blood flow after stretching delivers nutrients to the muscles  which helps prevent soreness and speed up recovery for damaged muscles and joints.

6. Increased energy- just a couple of minutes of stretching increases your blood flow.

Stretching using the Active Isolated stretching (AIS) method:

The AIS method helps increase your flexibility by incorporating different principles. I have been using this method mostly to prevent soreness and have a more effective workouts. I am also experimenting with my daughter who is a synchronized swimmer and flexibility plays such a huge role in the sport. So far I have had positive results with this form of stretching. My hamstrings and joints don’t feel as tight, and feel I have some increased flexibility.

1. With AIS, a stretch is held for only 2-3 seconds for many repetitions. Simply because when one muscle contracts, the opposite muscle relaxes for a more effective stretch.

2. It allows blood flow and increased oxygen into the muscles. Holding a stretch too long causes oxygen to be depleted from the muscles.

3. Using repetitions produces a great amount of lymph to move through the body which helps with healing and recovery.

4. you increase your range of motion with each repetition. This also reminds your muscles the next time you exercise for optimal performance.



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