Eat this, not that…healthier alternatives


Try swapping out some healthier every day staples with these…

Instead of rice …RICED CAULIFLOWER

A whole bag riced cauliflower= 15 carbs, 6 sugars, and 6 grams of protein

1 cup of rice= 44 carbs, .6 grams of fiber


Instead of potato chips…PARSNIP CHIPS

For 12 parsnip chips ( 1oz)=3 carbs, 1 gram of sugar

Regular potato chips 14 chips (1 oz)=15 carbs


Instead of a tortilla wrap…GEM CARROT WRAPS

Carrot wrap= 6 carbs and 3 sugars

10 inch White wrap= 35 carbs


Instead of pasta…PASTA ZERO

⅔ cup pasta zero= 4 carbs

1 cup white pasta= 43 carbs

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