Over the last 10 weeks I have been working with 2 clients individually. I think it’s important to share the success they have each had in their own way. I am so proud of them! They have not lost a ton of weight, however they are consistently losing. To me slow and steady is key for LONG TERM weight loss, which we should all be striving for. My clients, like most of us have gone through various weight loss programs. Almost anyone can be disciplined  for a short period time, however then revert back to old habits. Most of these programs usually give you a list of foods you are “allowed” or not allowed to eat. So we lose weight but gain it back.

My clients are learning how to make the right choices 85%of the time. They are still enjoying some of their favorite foods and not feeling deprived. They are creating new habits they can sustain for the rest of their life. They have increased energy and feel good about themselves. They are also identifying how to deal with emotional eating.


1. They don’t become discouraged & know that  life goes on: we all have our days or weekends where we eat pizza, have a couple of drinks, and finish it off with ice cream. That’s ok, there will always be parties, picnics, birthday parties, and BBQ’s. This is when we move forward and get back on track the next day!

2. They are building confidence in themselves: believe it or not, it takes a lot of self confidence to stay motivated and not giving up. They are slowly breaking old habits and building confidence that they can do this!

3. Set up healthy habits: they are making exercise a priority and substituting healthier alternatives. Of course they have had to make some changes in their schedule. You will not see changes without making changes!

As their health coach, I am so proud of how hard they are working!

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