This is a spin off my chicken cordon bleu dish I made last month! It’s healthier version of course, made with mashed cauliflower!


1 head of cauliflower-roasted or cooked to your preference
2 cups of broccoli
4 chicken breasts-cooked and cut into chunks or shredded
4-5 cups of chicken broth-depending how thick you want it
¼ cup cream cheese
3 tablespoons of butter-optional
2-3 tablespoons of dijon mustard
3 ounces of ham-cut into pieces
1 tsp garlic
¼ cup parmesan cheese or cheese of choice-optional

1. I first roasted my cauliflower and cooked my chicken. Then mash or puree your cauliflower in a food processor. I added a little butter and chicken broth to easily puree.

2. In a large pot, sautee garlic. Add chicken broth, cooked chicken pieces, broccoli, and mashed cauliflower.

3. On medium to low heat, slowly stir in cream cheese and dijon. Add ham.
Continue stirring  on low heat until combined. Add cheese if you are using.


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