One of the most important questions to ask yourself when want to lose weight is “how committed am I?” Most of my clients want fast results, however sometimes we don’t want to put a lot of effort into it. Most are looking for a “quick fix”. We can’t expect results if we’re not mentally and physically committed to make changes.

What I learned about commitment:


  1. You will be out of your comfort zone. We often eat for comfort or emotional reasons. A lot of us know WHAT we have to do. However, we are trained to eat certain foods that give us satisfaction and make us feel good momentarily. Our bodies don’t necessarily like change. When we choose veggies over cookies we don’t have the same positive euphoria feelings. Then we want to give up! You have to get past this “ feel good detox” and keep going!

2. Stop making food your reward. Don’t make ice cream your goal for weight loss. I encourage clients to “indulge” once in a while with their favorite foods but not as  reward for eating healthy.

3.Have a plan for AFTER you reach your weight loss goal. When are first motivated to start losing weight we think how great we will look and feel. Nobody ever thinks about what they will do after they lose the weight. We think once we lose the weight it will be easy to maintain it, then give ourselves some slack. Often we end up back where we started.

We have to mentally prepare for what is going to happen after you lose weight. What is your plan moving forward?

Once we reach our goal we tend to fall back into the same old habits. That’s why short term weight loss programs don’t work!

My goal is to teach clients how to eat for life-even to maintain weight loss. It’s important not to deprive yourself throughout your journey.

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